Sunday, April 25, 2010

Almost Done!

My unpacking is almost done!  Of course, my camera was in the last box.  So it was a great excuse to stop for a little while and post some pictures.  I'm going to put them on Facebook when I'm done.  If you aren't a friend, look me up and send me a request.
Yep!  That's a leak, Becky!  How it missed me and Lyla was beyond me.  Fortunately, as soon as they shut the a/c unit down, it started slowing down and eventually stop.  It sure made us all think about what would happen if the fire alarms went off.... YIKES!!!

Everyone busy at work!

No, they aren't in trouble!  They are just all attending a technique class.  It sure has everyone's attention!

Boy, we have a bunch of stuff, don't we!  And we sure liked the room to spread out in!  Gotta love space!
We had plenty of snacks.  I don't think ANYONE went hungry!

Ok, back to putting stuff away.  I wish I was still there.

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  1. I wish I was still there too... If only I could just get paid to scrapbook full time. What a dream job that would be, except when I had a deadline of course.

    Vickie M.