Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Trivia Game - LAST Crop Cash Opportunity!

Ok.  This is the last one... on the blog and/or by email, anyway.  There will be tons of opportunity at the retreat to earn more CROP CASH, so don't worry!  Answer these 7 trivia questions by sending me an email with the answers.  This time, you DON'T post them here.  You just email me the answers at  I'll be sending this out by email, too and you can simply reply to that email!  To answer some of the questions, you may need to refer back to emails I've sent or blog entries I've made.  Some, you may have to dig for!  Some you may have to guess!

1.  How many people are signed up for this retreat?
2.  How many items will be up for auction at the infamous CROP CASH AUCTION?
3.  What is the name of the hotel where this retreat is being held?
4.  How much in CROP CASH is a homemade snack worth?
5  What direct market scrapbook company am I a consultant for?
6.  How many people who have responded to me are attending this retreat as their very FIRST retreat? 
7.  How much CROP CASH do you think you have earned SO FAR?

You will earn $100 for EACH correct ANSWER!!!

Get that response to me quickly!  Remember CROP CASH earning on this blog or by email will close at 5:00pm Monday, April 12th.  Don't be late!

1 comment:

  1. Okay here is what I have gotten for the trivia questions.
    1. 40
    2. 45
    3. Cobblestone Inn
    4. $50.00
    5. Close To My Heart
    6. 8
    7. I don't know. I lost out when I went with Mattie for her surgery. By the way, her surgery was a success and she is home recovering. Just keep your fingers crossed that it does not grow back which is a possibility. Lyla