Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Final Notes... Travel Safely!

How do we get there, you may ask!  Click HERE for a map and directions.  If you have any problems, call me... 417-880-2426.

Bring comfortable clothes!
Bring your creativity!
Bring your snacks!
Bring whatever else you want!  And if you forget something, don't worry too much, I'm sure someone will loan you just about anything and for enough CROP CASH they may just give it to you!

Send me an email if you don't want to call... my email address is jmpurves@mchsi.com.  I have my Blackberry with me all the time and I get my emails there.

You can either check in at the front desk and ask for "THE SCRAPBOOKERS" and they will tell you right where we are or come to the Convention Center and come on it... we are the only ones in there!

Be safe, have a good trip and we will see you when you get there!

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