Saturday, April 3, 2010

Let's Get to Know Each Other - AND earn CROP CASH!

Ok... In less than 2 weeks, we are going to be spending 3 days together!  Can you believe it's getting that close!!!  I can't, but I am SO ready.  I really am!

So, it's time for more CROP CASH!!! - Leave a comment, answering these questions and you will earn $200 in CROP CASH!!!
  1. Is this your first retreat or have you attended others?  If you've attended others, how many?
  2. If you've attended a retreat before this one, what words of wisdom do you have for our "newbies".  I'm sure they would appreciate any thoughts.
  3. Are you one who will be up early having coffee with me at 6:30 or 7 in the morning or will you be closing the room down at night?
  4. Are you a coffee drinker?  If so, when?
  5. Are you planning on getting a ton done or are you going to be happy completing a couple of pages or cards?
Remember, leaving a comment with your answers will earn you $200 in CROP CASH.

Just an update on my planning... Prizes are done.  CTMH orders are in.  Tombow orders are in.  Name tags done. Goody bags DONE!  Food ordered.  Rooms reserved AND paid for.  Room layout and seating chart done.  Signing in stuff done.  Stuff being gathered in my living room room is growing.  Arrangements made to haul stuff to Branson. 

Still to do... Print more CROP CASH! Shopping for last minute stuff (list continues to grow!)  Organize what I am going to take and work on (organize?  what's that?).  Finish Crazy Cropper Pass or Play game envelopes.  PACK, PACK, PACK!

I love it when the done list gets bigger than the TO DO list!!!  I am getting SO excited.  When I have to sit and think about what still needs to be done, that means it's getting SO CLOSE!

Ok... it's time to leave your comments and earn your CROP CASH!


  1. Oh Janis, you make me feel bad; it will be time to head for Branson before I know it and I will still be trying to get it together.
    This is my second retreat, but feel like a newbie. The last one was on a cruise, I missed the ship (plane delay in Dallas), so missed the three days 'scrap time' at sea... I met up with the ship in Acapulco and after that there were ports and too many things to see and do.
    I will be up EARLY drinking coffee with you; when the sun goes down so do I. My coffee pot goes all day long.
    I hope to get all of my Mexican Cruise album done - I know that's shooting for the moon, since I've only just begun the lay-out, but that is my goal.
    Can't wait to meet everyone and see what you're all doing.

  2. From Becky...

    Guess you would say this is my first retreat as a cropper. I have been to retreats before as cropper/worker for the store.
    Yes I am an early bird coffee drinker with Janis. My advise is don't take everything in your crop room, focus on two or three things you want to get done. Main thing is to go and have fun with alot of nice people.

  3. From Donna...

    This is my first crop with you. I’ve been to others.
    I am not a coffee drinker, I get my caffeine from Diet Coke!
    I am planning on getting a year’s worth of pictures done – on each son (I have two)
    Donna Reid

  4. This is my 5th retreat. I say to the new people, have some things laid out to do. Package them together and round up everything you think you need for that page and put together. If you don't you end up bringing too much stuff. But don't plan too much because you want to have some fun too. I am not a coffee drinker and I am no longer drinking sodas so I will be drinking water or ice TEA. I don't get up early since I retired so I will probably be staying up later but not too late. I am an old woman and I need my rest. LOL. I plan on getting some relaxing done and some scrapping done. Don't know which will be more. Lyla

  5. Hello Janis! I am getting ready for the retreat today...went to Scrap Nook yesterday and got some new papers!! This is my fifth retreat...second one with you (yours are the best!!!) I'm not a coffee drinker, but I'm going to try and be an "early riser" and not stay up late so that it's not so hard when I go back to work after the retreat! We'll see...I'll probably stay up late too!! My advice to the newbies: Take time to soak it all's going to be so fun...learning new at the store...seeing everyone's ideas and projects, but do not get upset if you do not complete everything that you want...relax and enjoy! I am planning to get some cards done and some page layouts done...I would love to get alot done, but it never happens :)

  6. Janis,
    I am really excited, have been working on putting together what I want to complete. This is my first retreat, and I don't drink coffee. I have to have Dr. Pepper. I will not be the early bird, I will be the one up very late. I am hoping to get alot done but that doesnt usually happen-I like to talk to much!


  7. This is my second retreat with Janis, I have gone to one other before that one (which pales in comparison). Words of wisdom to the newbies: leave your expectations at home, come prepared to have a good time and enjoy yourself...bring everything you've got (you'll understand why later).

    I don't have a set "early riser" or "late nighter" persona - I just do. Sometimes I drink's a mood thing (or a lack of sleep thing).

    Last retreat - I accomplished two things. 1) I did an entire two-page layout (I know, I am slow); and 2) I organized/reorganized and collected more scrapbooking stuff!!! So I will be happy to just get something accomplished besides organizing this time :)

    I really look forward to this retreat because I have two family members coming this time - a cousin and a niece...looking forward to spending time with them :)


  8. I have attended more retreats than I can count! >10??? And I love the extended cropping time, time with old friends AND new ones. My best suggestion is to pre-plan your pages -- so pictures with at least the paper you plan to use, so that you can bring some coordinating embellishments. I wish I could say I actually get this done though ;( . I am a slow worker, so I probably won't get TONS done. I always take more than is POSSIBLE...but I have high hopes! I drink coffee in the morning only, then pop & water. Oh yeah, baby...I'll be one of the night owls!!

  9. I attended one retreat in Chicago. It was awesome but very far away! I am SOOOOO looking forward to your retreat. I will definitely be an annual attendee... I am soooo excited!!! I have already pre-warned my boyfriend I will be going... He likes your payment plan idea lol....

    My only words of wisdom is relax and have fun!!! I will be in charge of coffee so I will make sure you have lots of java to keep you going!! I am looking forward to relaxing with my best friend Alisa and getting in some good ole girl time...

    I wont be up at 7 and I wont be closing down the room.. BUT I will be drinking coffee with ya!!

    Did I mention I drink coffee??? Alisa and I are coffee fanatics so we will make sure that there is always fresh coffee brewing!

    My goal is to get a full scrapbook done for my nieces and nephews and some projects.. not really sure exactly but know I will get lots done!

  10. Ok... this has been my favorite post yet! I feel a trivia contest coming on! And I love to read all about everyone, even if I know you (Bettyann, I would NEVER have pegged you for a nightowl!) and even if I haven't met you yet (Cherry, I am SO sorry you missed those 3 days of "at sea scrapbooking"!). This is just too much fun! Come on... I want to hear from more of ya!

  11. My flrst retreat. l trled to attend last fall but had some car problems. l'm so looklng forward to meetlng everyone. l plan to get a lot done. l am worklng on my daughter's 40th blrthday album. l only have a year. l drlnk coffee and never know when l wlll be awake. l work nlghts and have odd sleeplng hablts. Lyla doesn't drlnk coffee so l wlll need some coffee buddles. (my l ls broke so l have to use the lower case L for an l).

  12. that anonymous ls me barb francls

  13. 1. I've been to several overnight retreats and a few of dozen 10-12 hour cropping sessions.
    2. Don't forget your scrapbook pages or your photos (my first nat'l scrapbook day, i forgot my photos, urg!). Lyla, Michelle L., and Bettyann have some fantastic advice.
    3. I'm generally an early riser but with a nap, I can stay up with the young 'uns.
    4. Yep, I'm a coffee drinker if I have enough creamer and sugar =-) ...any time of day.
    5. I worked on preparing some of my supplies for Branson yesterday. I want to be productive and get a lot done. I always have good intentions, but I'm also easily distracted....oh well, it'll get done eventually.

    I'm very excited and want to do the happy dance when I think about taking a day off work to spend a long weekend working on crafts! *Giggle*

  14. This is my 3rd retreat...all with Janis. She is so much fun.

    My advise is don't expect to get as much done as you think you will. I haven't planned and organized specific things to get started on before, but I think that would help and still plan to try to fit that in before this retreat. Also, just dress comfortable...we don't try to impress anyone with how we look. You don't even have to comb your hair...right Jeanne?? lol

    I will be the one stay up late, and will arrive in the morning when I arrive. I seem to get my best momentum at the last minute. Must be the procrastinator in me.

    I am not a coffee drinker. I'll be trying to take the advise of my wellness coach and drink lots of water.

    I would love to get a ton done, but I'm not planning on it. I haven't gotten that much done at my previous retreats, but I always come away with lots of good ideas and have tons of fun.

    Debbie G.

  15. Is this your first retreat or have you attended others? If you've attended others, how many? I have attended 10+ overnight retreats. I also went to CKU once, it was overwhelming though.

    If you've attended a retreat before this one, what words of wisdom do you have for our "newbies". I'm sure they would appreciate any thoughts. (1) bring a lot of stuff, if you think there's a 10% chance you'll need a tool BRING IT. (2) bring a big project and also some small ones (cards, mini albums, etc.) in case you get tired of your big project.

    Are you one who will be up early having coffee with me at 6:30 or 7 in the morning or will you be closing the room down at night?
    Are you a coffee drinker? If so, when? I am not an AM or PM person, I peak around 2 PM HAHA. But yes I will be drinking some coffee in the AM.

    Are you planning on getting a ton done or are you going to be happy completing a couple of pages or cards? I would like to get several scrapbook pages done (maybe 10), and a lot of cards and a couple of mini-albums finished.

  16. From Alisa...

    1. This is my first.
    2. ...
    3. I will probably be one who closes the room down. Not much of a morning person.
    4. Coffee drinker... All day.
    5. Two scrapbooks done....hopefully.

  17. This will be my 5th overnight retreat but the first with Janis. I'm really excited about the extra day! For the Newbie's I would say to bring a few projects to work on but allow yourself enough time to shop and see what products are available, walk around to see what everyone else is doing, ask questions and try to use at least on product/technique or equipment that you don't normally have access to. At one of my first retreats I used the puches available and punched a bunch of shapes on from my scrap paper. I still have some of them left! AND don't worry if you don't get a lot of layouts finished--we're there to relax and HAVE FUN!
    Yes, I am a coffee drinker and I appreciate having hot, fresh coffee available anytime throughout the day!
    I have several layouts I want to get done and would like to make a few card, too. But most of all, I want to relax and not feel any pressure to get anything done!
    I can't wait to get there and meet everyone!!!

  18. 1. This is my 3rd retreat...all Janis retreats!

    2. I always pack way too much, but it seems that everybody else brings ALL their supplies too!

    3. I am a night owl not an early bird...I will help close the room down.

    4. No coffee for me...Pepsi!

    5. I will be happy with the time to work on some layouts and cards. I tend to just want to "organize" my collection. I plan to accomplish more this time and enjoy being with everyone!

  19. The days are counting down and I still have'nt gathered up the first thing. I know in my little pea size brain what I want to work on and get done, but I procrastinate to much.
    Yes, this is my first retreat.
    No, I am not a coffee drinker, I wish I was so maybe I would have more engery.. No, I am not a morning person at all. Takes me to about 10:00 in the morning to really get going. But now I can stay up with the night owls. I will be happy getting a few pages done. I am going to take Becky's advice, going to have ME some fun, learn some new techniques, see others projects and get some cute ideas. As my cousin Vickie says I am a collector, instead of a scrapper. Let's get the PARTY started......

  20. It's getting really close, what..? 12 more days and I'm getting so excited. This is my first retreat and I've really been planning (in my head) what to work on and what to bring, b/c I am one who usually packs WAY too much and not even touch half the stuff that I bring, I always think someone else may need,but I'm gonna try really hard to get some things organized this next week what I'm going to be working on, which I want to get a few snow pages done and I would like to get our Hawaii trip from last year done or some of it..
    As you have heard from a couple of my scrappin crew, Pam, my sister and Rita, Chastity & Vickie, my cousins... It seems when we all get together to really get some scappin done, it doesn't ever happen like that, so I will be happy to get ten or so pages Hoping for a lot more, but we will see who I can copy off
    I am not much of a coffee drinker, only if I MUST have that extra boost to help me get going, then I will drink a little coffee w/my cream and
    I do love my sleep.... so I'm not so sure how early I will be getting up or again... how late I will be staying up. THAT, you will just have to

    Tammie Dawn (Jannis, you can call me Tammie

  21. Oh, Tammie... I am going to try really hard NOT to call you Tammie Faye! But that's what keep creeping in my head every time I see your name! So, I will just apologize NOW! (Thanks, Vickie for telling on me! - I just love that girl!)

  22. Okay Janis.... since Vickie told on you, I think you should take a little crop cash from her and give to me....LOL
    Hey and by the way.... I really don't mind you calling me Tammie Faye, I will answer (that can be my

  23. WOW... 12 more days? Now I'm going to panic! This will be my second overnight retreat with Janis. I have been to several 6-8-12 hour crops plus weekend scraps my cousins and I have from time-to-time. As to advice for the newbies coordinate with your family members and/or friends, that you are coming with so that not everyone brings the same tools like cricut, punches, stamp pads, etc. But since Tammie brings way too much (as she stated above) if I need something I will borrow from her. I'm usually an early bird and can hopefully slip out of the room I will be sharing with some night owls, but when we girls get together and start giggling and laughing anything goes so we will see. I love the smell of coffee in the early morning, but will have to pass for either ice tea or diet coke to help me jump start my day. Once I'm going good, I can switch to water. I always plan to accomplish more than I can possibly complete. Then there is always the fact that I get bored or don't feel inspired to work on something I wanted too. I will be happy to just laugh and have fun no matter what I get accomplished.

    Vickie M.

  24. I can't believe it's so close! Ack!

    This is my third retreat, all with Janis. Too. Much. FUN!

    My advice to the newbies is to bring REALLY comfortable clothes, and come hungry, 'cause there is the awfullest bunch of food you've ever seen! :D Oh, and if you have sensitive ears, then bring some earplugs. The cowbell is LOUD!

    I sadly will not be up with you early in the morning. I will close the place down, then go shopping at Walmart or hang out at Denneys. :D

    Not a coffee drinker either. You can have mine.

    And I'd LIKE to get a lot done, but sadly, we both know how that will probably go... sigh.... ; )

    But I'll have fun anyways!

  25. I have to say, I was excited before about this weekend retreat, but after reading everyone's posts so far, I AM PSYCHED!
    I feel fortunate to already know several going, and especially my cuz!

    This is my first overnight cropping retreat. Thus, I don't have any words of wisdom, but I have taken the advice already of several. I've been busy trying to organize projects. My intention and only expectation is simply to come and have fun, and at that I'm sure I will succeed. I believe I might give everyone a good laugh when I bring too much stuff though. lol! The only similar experience I have in taking my things is to dogshows: grooming table/tools, towels, crates, dogs, etc... Well...I think this might even exceed that amount of stuff! LOL - SCARY!

    I LOVE COFFEE 24/7! So a big "thank you" to everyone involved for keeping that coffee going! I might even have to break out and get some foo-foo coffee 1x during weekend. I am attempting to be more healthy and substitute some coffee for water.

    I'm not sure yet if I'll be an early riser; I'm definitely more of a late owl person. However, I am accustomed to waking up daily at 4:30-5 and up around 5:30 a.m. but this is weekend freedom time . Be sure, if you do see me up in the early hours, I will be the one in houseshoes and comfy clothes. My hair - never looks like it's combed, (natural curly)...but I appreciate knowing that this look is acceptable.

    Reading these, I wonder...What is the cowbell for? What is a Crazy Cropper Pass? I look forward to finding out! ~Brenda

  26. This is my second retreat
    If you forgot it don't fret someone probably has one you can borrow or you can always finish it at home when you get back. Don't feel bad if you pack like you are never coming home we all do it!
    Definitely closing the room down at night, no an early riser!
    I drink no coffee, I drink tea hot and cold and I live on Mt. Dew
    I plan on getting alot done will it happen probably not. LOL Will I talk and eat more than I scrap probably!

  27. Tysha says:

    1. I've attended many crops, as a cropper and as a staff member. Going in both roles was a lot of fun, but I do enjoy just being able to relax and scrapbook without having to work.

    2. Advice to newbies? Same advice I wish I would follow every time: plan! I always wish I had been better prepared, gotten everything together for each project or just stuff for my pages.

    3. Early riser or night owl? I might be both, if I can get a nap in between ;)

    4. I don't do coffee.

    5. I plan on getting a ton done. We'll see how that works out though. At the last retreat, I did get more done than I ever have, so I want to beat that goal. 50 layouts and 3 mini books...too much;)

  28. Hello all!
    This is my 1st retreat with Janis, but maybe my 5th overall.
    I have been known to bring it all, but have learned to plan out your pages, at least your pictures and general paper ideas. You never tend to get done with all you'd hope (unless you're my friend Amy, right Donna :)?)
    I am a night owl!!!
    Don't drink coffee, but will need my Diet Pepsi to start my day and will TRY to balance with water throughout the day.
    I am hoping to get 10-20 pages completed of each of my girls (2). We'll see. Anything I DO get finished is that much more than I've done in forever!

  29. This is my second retreat...both with Janis. Her's is so much fun, I can't imagine going to anyone elses. I have been to small group cropping and went to Scrap-a-palooza once. However. no one can beat Janis.

    My "words of wisdom" are to organize better than I do. However, I am working on trying to be better for this one. My best advice is to come and have a ton of fun!! If you don't, it will be your own fault.

    I am a fairly early riser and I would love for someone to bring me coffee in bed. That is how badly I need it when I awake. If I could get it through an IV, I would. I like it throughout the day too.

    I am planning to get a lot done, but I probably won't. I have grandchildren pages I hope to complete. I will have fun though and do a lot of visiting. I will also enjoy getting new ideas from other ladies.

    ....AND don't forget the Cow Bell!! I will have my hearing set for that and I intend to get EVERTHING I want at the auction. "Can I talk anyone out of some Crop Cash?"

    Can't wait!!!

  30. 1) My first retreat w/Janis, but have been to a half dozen others w/Keli. :) Thank you Keli!
    2) Words of wisdom...HAVE FUN AND always goes by too quickly! After I came back from one retreat several years son said, "Momma you sure are smiling alot!" I think I must have needed that retreat!!
    3) Not an early riser...not really a good riser at all!! HA! I'll be up late and sleeping late (if the bed's comfortable and Donna and Cyndy aren't obnoxiously loud in the mornings!!HA! I think I just set myself up for something w/that comment!!)
    4) Coffee--love the smell/candles flavored that way, hate the taste.
    5) Hope to do both...have fun and get a lot accomplished! See you soon!

  31. This will be my first retreat and I'm very excited!! I do get up early but when I get sleepy I get the giggles. I do drink coffee, my nannie would give it to me in my bottle when I was a baby. So when I do drink coffee its with alot of milk and sugar. I hope to get a lot done but will be happy with what I do get done! I've tried to talk myself out of coming but my cousins are talking me back into it. My son just started playing ball for the first time.

    Chastity B.

  32. my name is charity\
    1. this is my first retreat
    3. Im a switcher i mt be up early sum or late goin to bed
    4. Love coffee n the way it springs me to life
    5. I plan on getting alot done but also plan on spending time w my aunt.

  33. Hi all,

    This is my very first retreat! I'm so excited and also feel like I don't have a clue what to do!

    I am a night owl-I don't function well before 10 am and I can stay up late and chatter like a monkey. (sorry roomies)

    I drink straight coffee only when necessary-which might be this retreat! :)

    I am a slow worker and am excited to see there are others! I fuss and ponder until I get it just right. I'm hoping to get my recent trip to Portland Oregon done.


  34. My name is Toni I am a first time retreat attendee. I was unable to respond to the questions at the time they were asked as I was unable to get the blog to open. I have no idea what I'm getting into or what I'm doing. I plan to work on my Elvis/Graceland pictures and maybe some of the "princess", Lucy, she's my dog. I'm not sure if I'll be an early morning riser or late nighter, I have narcolepsy, so I'll just go with how I feel at the time. As for the caffeine, I get mine from Dr. Pepper, so put me done for bringing a few 2 liters of the good stuff.

  35. Yeah! Two more newbies!!! Jennifer and Toni, I'm so glad you both are coming and I'm so glad you finally were able to get on the blog! You have until Monday night to get caught up. WOOHOO... less than a week now!

  36. from Keli...

    Not my first retreat. Have attended at least 15 prior.
    Have fun, no pressure, learn new things, make new friends!
    Up early, NO COFFEE, nap, up late!
    I will be content with whatever I get done! Just looking forward to laughter and fun!